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Furthering its mission to promote healthy families and lifelong learning, the marketing and communications coalition North Idaho Family Group will release its annual edition of a Nonprofit Services Directory in July.

“Our mission is to support all nonprofits in Region 1,” said North Idaho Family Group Executive Director Shelly Zollman. “The service directory will allow members of the organization to have access to all kinds of valuable data on area agencies. The directory is intended to prevent duplication of services and foster collaboration.

The services directory will have an “immediate needs” section which will be a stand alone publication that will be updated regularly and easily printed. It will also be available online for easy access by service providers who need current and quick access to emergency or social service assistance. Organized by categories, the directory will include area nonprofits, government, and private social service entities. A condensed version of the directory will appear in each edition of the North Idaho Family Magazine.

The service directory will be a valuable resource to grantors and other funding entities.

“This tool can aid funders in creating joint projects and supporting strong and well vetted organizations.” Said Zollman.

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